Great Modern-Day Dancers

There are many dancers today who are wonderful. As time has progressed, they have started to appear in more specialized areas, but their performances are still recognized. A good example of a great dancer coming from a certain area is the American Dancer Michael Flatley.

Flatley, by the age of 17, had won a world title in Irish dancing. This success saw to the playing of starring roles in “Lord of the Dance” and “Riverdance”, and he also played a significant part in choreographing both of these shows.

Michael Flatley Irish dancing

As well as traditional music and dancing becoming popular, ballet is still as popular as it has ever been and produces its star performers. One of the biggest attractions in world ballet today is the American Gillian Murphy. She first appeared in the American Ballet Theatre at the age of 17 and has been the principle dancer in the same company since 2002. While Murphy was starring in the States Darcey Bussell was doing likewise for the Royal Ballet in London. She became a principle dancer by the age of 20 and she remained in this position for the next two decades. She also guested for other companies around the world and today appears on television programs trying find the next dancing talent.

Dancing is still popular in the film industry, although the number of musicals that are produced isn’t as high as it once was. The result is that not all of the actors who enter the film industry are trained to dance and sing. In previous years, it had been the norm for most actors to be able to dance, but it is more of a rarity today, with many of them emanating from dance backgrounds to appear in the musical films.

Darcey Bussell

One such actor is Patrick Swayze whose mother was a dance teacher. He trained in ballet and in 1987 landed the lead role as a dance instructor in the film “Dirty Dancing”. The film was a massive success and his performance led to him landing many lead roles in Hollywood films. Many singers who have sold many records are also great dancers. Michael Jackson was an example of this. In his early years he performed with his brothers in the Jackson 5 and they often performed dance routines to their records.

When he went solo, he carried on with his dance routines. As videos became popular his dance routines became more expansive and the success of many of his records were helped by the exciting dance routines that went with them. The dance move “the moon walk” became famous after he incorporated it during his performance on the single “Billie Jean”.

Tap dancers have always produced impressive spectacles both on stage and in the movies. One of the most famous dancers was Sammy Davis Junior and when he passed away, his protégé Gregory Hines followed in his footsteps.

Hines starred in the musical films “The Cotton Club” and “White Nights” as well as also earning both Tony nominations and Tony’s on Broadway. He also appeared on television hosting his own show “Gregory Hines Tap Dance in America”. There are still great dancers to be found in the world today but they are spread through the pop, film and theatre industries equally. There will always be a high demand for dancers that are able to entertain an audience.