The Ice Dancing

One of the most popular events at the Winter Olympic Games that are held every four years is the ice dancing competition. The competition is fierce as the different participants attempt to produce performances that will catch the judge’s eye and present them with an opportunity to win a gold medal. The dances are complicated enough when performed on firm […]

Great Modern-Day Dancers

There are many dancers today who are wonderful. As time has progressed, they have started to appear in more specialized areas, but their performances are still recognized. A good example of a great dancer coming from a certain area is the American Dancer Michael Flatley. Flatley, by the age of 17, had won a world title in Irish dancing. This […]

The Early 20th Century Famous Dancers

There are a number of dancers that have been famous around the world, but they have varied greatly in their personality and their style. They have emerged in different eras and the time where they have sprung to prominence has influenced their different styles. The world of ballet has produced many performers that have captivated world audiences. Vaslav Nijinsky was […]