Dancing and rock

As the heavy rock music emerged in the late 1960s, dances that would be performed to the music changed drastically to. There appeared to be a complete separation from the soul and Latin influences that had been clearly seen in rock and roll and appeared in disco music. Some of the acts were so anti-authority and cynical towards any form […]

The Most Popular Styles of Dance

There is an abundance of different dance styles out there, and each one possesses its own set of skills and music. Many aspiring dancers start out by taking many different dance classes where they learn an overview of several types of dances before they niche down to a specific style, as they get older.

Dancing and disco music

With rock and roll accelerating the numbers of dances that were being created, it wasn’t long before other artists were dancing when performing. Elvis Presley had proved that it was possible to sing and dance and other groups started to emerge in other genres of music that were more than happy to produce dance routines when singing on stage. Bands, […]