How to Choose Your Dancing Style?

How to Choose Your Dancing Style?

Anyone can dance. Even a person who is struggling at first may eventually develop both musical capabilities and the ability to move according to the rhythm. After all, the most important thing is inner drive to learn and enthusiasm, then learning becomes much easier and enjoyable process. Still, it is very important to choose the dance style that would suit […]

Zumba: Sport or Dance

Zumba: Sport or Dance

Zumba originated in Colombia in the 1990s. The fitness instructor forgot to bring his usual workout music to the lesson, so after taking several Latin American music albums out of his car and despite the limitations of traditional exercise, he started dancing like he did in a dance club.

The Charm of Folk Dances

The true expression of dance is a delicate balance of our culture and lifestyle. Looking back to the ancient civilizations, dance was ever present in their sacred rituals. It was an unspoken language that revered honor and tradition. Earlier eras used the concept of rhythm and nature to guide their steps. Chanting or vocals were hypnotically charged with meaningful intention […]

Spending Time With Hip Hop Dancing

Hip Hop Dancing is the new kid on the block that has also became one of the most popular trends to hit the dance scene. Beginning in the 60s and 70s, the DJ phenomenon began to take hold. Hip Hop music and style emerged from a street setting letting a whole new perspective take over. Professional dancers are skilled in […]

A Tribute to the Talents of Tap Dancers

When listening to your favorite song, you might find yourself Tapping to the beat. We tend to Tap or snap our fingers, shoes or any part of our body that moves to the music. The rhythm may not be front and center, yet it is the most recognized part of a song. When you kick up your heels and dance […]

The Aloha of Hula

Hula Dancing has taken a modern twist to its once tried and true traditions. As Hawaii has become a tourist’s paradise, the dance has also been touched by western cultures.

The Era of Swing Dancing

Jazz music plays the best of both worlds. The brass brought a sweet tune until it picked up the beat with a little jump and jive on the stage. In most relationships between music and Dance, the tempo of a song leads while the steps follow. Swing Dancing not only set the pace for the generation, it also jazzed up […]

The Ice Dancing

One of the most popular events at the Winter Olympic Games that are held every four years is the ice dancing competition. The competition is fierce as the different participants attempt to produce performances that will catch the judge’s eye and present them with an opportunity to win a gold medal. The dances are complicated enough when performed on firm […]

Great Modern-Day Dancers

There are many dancers today who are wonderful. As time has progressed, they have started to appear in more specialized areas, but their performances are still recognized. A good example of a great dancer coming from a certain area is the American Dancer Michael Flatley. Flatley, by the age of 17, had won a world title in Irish dancing. This […]